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The Journey & Highlights of the Program - Samodiva Retreat

Hero’s journey and highlights of the program

Living like a HERO


The name Samodiva (wild-alone) translates roughly as an independent and uninhabited female creature from the national folklore of Bulgaria.

Samodivas are the supernatural and exquisitely beautiful custodians of forests, mountains and heroes. According to the legend, they live in the forests and mountains where the earth and the sky are thought to merge.

Join Samodiva and you will be guided by the Samodivas in a journey of awakening the hero within by rediscovering 6 core areas in human’s life.

DAY 1 Heroes’ Gathering


Welcome, Introduction, Heroes


Heroes arrive and gather.  It’s the beginning of the journey. The first day is dedicate on getting to know one-another, enjoying the beauty of night Sofia and trying the delicious Bulgarian cuisine in a typical restaurant with folklore motives.


Key activities:
  • The Power of Masterminding
  • Living Like a Hero – Framework
  • Evening in Sofia Together

DAY 2 Hero’s tale


Purpose, Values, Beliefs


The purpose, values and beliefs give us meaning and direction in life. They impact our decisions and shape our relationships and career choices. Samodivas stand beside the heroes who step forward on a solid foundation of their Purpose, Values and Beliefs. Every hero needs to know what his is fighting for.  Samodiva’s journey will uncover the purpose and challenge everyone to start living fully their own tale.


Key activities:
  • Visiting Rila Monastery
  • Outdoor Workshop on “Purpose,
    Values & Beliefs”
  • Harmony in Action: The
    Philosophy of Aikido

DAY 3 League of Heroes


Relationships, Network, Mastermind Group


Awakening the hero within is possible for everyone. One can only go alone as far. What makes a hero strong is the faith and support from his guardians. Samodivas were always there for heroes – they stood by them in battle, protect them from harm, and shield them with lethal arrows.


Key activities:
  • Outdoor Networking Activities
  • Workshop on “Building
    Meaningful Relationships”
  • Mastermind Hotseat experience
  • Farewell Party

DAY 4 Bravery and Courage


Mental Toughness, Perspective, Leadership


While intolerant of humanity’s shortcomings, Samodivas used to value greatly bravery and courage in men. They acted as foster sisters and guardians of heroes, happy to stand by them in battle.

Everyone has fears and doubts. Heroes are not an exception. Nevertheless, they take charge, jump into battles and lead others on courageous quests. Heroes take risks for their values and the sake of the others.


Key activities:
  • Workshop on “Living a Life of
  • River rafting in the Pirin
  • Zipline Experience
  • astermind Hotseat Experience

DAY 5 Strength and Stamina


Health, Nutrition, Body


Being a hero requires a lot of energy and excellent health. That call for mastering the secret knowledge of herbs and healthy nutrition for accumulating physical strength.  Samodivas knew all the secrets of healing and herb craft and were able to heal any illnesses.

We will introduce you to Samodiva’s recipes and wisdom for health and longevity.


Key activities:
  • Morning session on Toning Yoga
  • Workshop on “Energy
    Management for Peak-Performers”
  • Personalised Nutrition Plans
  • Mastermind Hotseat Experience

DAY 6 Hero’s Treasure


Money, Business, Career


Samodivas were able to assume different bodies so they could move freely from space to space, providing them with flexibility and creative solutions for whatever comes their way. A hero needs to be flexible and creative to win the battles. He understands the importance of being proficient in his craft and building a treasure not only for his own sake, but to support the causes and people he stands for.


Key activities:
  • Workshop on “Building a
    Purposeful Career using the 6 I’s of Innovation framework”
  • Aikido in Life and Business
  • Mastermind Hotseat experience

Day 7 Hero’s Triumph


Success and Happiness


The last day of Samodiva Mastermind Retreat is dedicated to wrap up the thoughts and memories gathered during this amazing time in Bulgaria. The end of Samodiva is the beginning of the real hero’s journey. By conquering the fears and taking actions the hero within will walk the talk, reach for the stars and never be alone again in his journey.


Key activities:
  • Workshop on “Unmasking your
    True Potential”
  • Authentic Goal-Setting
  • Accountability and Group