About us


Our purpose is to turn differences into a resource for building a more human-centric, united and happy world.


Our mission is to bring together a tribe of conscious leaders, to help each other grow and join forces to build a better tomorrow.


Becoming the leading platform for high-end masterminds in Europe.

Stoyan Yankov

Head Coordinator, Sales and Business Relations

Andrey Iliev

Head Coordinator, Program and Content

Rasa Pa

Service and communications designer

Georgi Temelkov

Operations Manager

Ivaylo Bonev

Tech & Operations

Kåre Høvring Broe

Audiovisual Partner

Eric Noormets


Eli Zheleva

Digital Marketing

Klaudia Adamiec

Communication and Social Media



Being open and honest with the people around you, and more importantly with yourself is the foundation of building trust, true relationships and connections.   


Trust can’t be established without the feeling that others care. The first step though is to start with yourself and take excellent care of your physical and mental health. This is what drives extraordinary results.


Courage is needed to take actions confidently according to your values and beliefs. There is no easy way – the only way is by facing the difficulties and controlling the fear.


Samodivas are the supernatural and exquisitely beautiful custodians of forests, mountains and heroes. According to the legend, they live in the forests and mountains where the earth and the sky are thought to merge.


Academy for personal development and business

Leader Academy attracts leaders from diverse backgrounds, with a proven track record.

Our purpose is to change the conventional approach to learning and to gather the pioneers

of tomorrow’s business and education.