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If you hang out with chickens, you are going to cluck. If you hang out with eagles, you are going to fly? - Samodiva

If you hang out with chickens, you are going to cluck. If you hang out with eagles, you are going to fly?


Klaudia is a health coach, personal trainer and fitness instructor. She joined Samodiva Mastermind Retreat 18 as a participant. She loved it and is now part of the team as a social media manager.


Klaudia, you are a participant at Samodiva Mastermind Retreat 18. What made you join the retreat the the first place? I love being surrounded by like-minded people who are working hard chasing their dreams. When I saw Samodiva Mastermind Retreat 18 I immediately knew that it was the right place for me to be. I knew I would learn a lot, grow, get the right tools and meet amazing people and that’s exactly what happened. Samodiva Mastermind Retreat 18 did not disappoint me.


What enviroment did you grow up in? Were you always surrounded by positive and inspiring people?

I grew up looking at my dad work hard every single day in the week. Monday til Sunday – that man never stopped. He would get up early, go to work, go the whole day without eating, come home at 9 or 10 in the evening for dinner. I did not see my dad much when I was growing up but the one thing I know – that man worked hard. Every day. Every single day and I know it was for us, for me, my sister and my mum. I admire him for that.


What there a specific event or what made you make a change and emmerse yourself into a life driven by personal growth, aiming higher every day and raising your standards?

Yes, goal maping event run by Katalin Konya in Aarhus where I decided to quit my regular 9-5 job and follow my dreams and passion.


Did  you expectations from the people around you grow as well?

Along the journey I have learnt not to have expectations from people. In my opinion this is how you get disappointed. You set certain expectations for people based on what you think you would do or how you would act, but it is all about how YOU would act, not them. People are different and so I believe you cannot expect things from them. When you do, and they do not meet your expectations, you just get disappointed. And that disappointment can affect your relationships with other people too, so I try not to have expectations for people. What I want though is for the closest people to be supportive and understanding. I need them to understand that sometimes I prefer or need to work instead of meeting for coffee or joining a party.


You are very inspiring and motivating. And focused on developing yourself.

What do you do if your friends and family are not so positive and supportive?

Thank you.
When I am facing such situations I first really try to show them a little bit of my life in order for them to understand what I actually do every day and why I am so busy as well as why it is so important to me. You might not accept the fact that I choose this or another path, and it is completely fine with me as long as you do not discourage me or try to demotivate me in any ways. If my friends do that, I do not really consider them as friends I want to have in my life. Friendships should be based on mutual respect and if I respect your choices, please do respect mine. It is sad to say so but I cannot allow myself to have negative people around me who will try to discourage me from following my passion.


Why is it important to hang out with positive and ambitious people?

Inspiration is the greatest tool. Being around people who chase their goals, looking at how motivated they are and how much they have achieved is how I keep on pushing. It gives me motivation and it also lets me see the struggles they go through. Success is a journey of ups and downs and it is easy to fall out when the times get hard but when you see that other people go through the same issues but they still push through, you realize you are not the only one who is trying your best. We all go through the same challenges, same issues and it is just nice to have someone to talk about it, someone who has or is going through the same hard times. And positive people? That’s just another way of keeping yourself positive and making sure you do not fall for the negative thoughts you get every now and then.


Did you happen to leave some friends behind because of lack of their support?

I would not say that I have left them behind. Our ways just did not meet. People have different goals and as you grow you tend to grow apart from each other and I believe that’s what happened between me and some of my friends.


How should people begin if they don’t have an uplifting environment already?

Look for people in your community who seem positive, are like-minded. Join networking clubs / events. Follow positive influencers on social media or join Samodiva Mastermind Retreat 19 😊